BREAKING: Terrorist Manhunt Happening Right Now – 22 Injured with Homemade Explosive on London Subway

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Ever since London has opened its gates to largely unvetted immigrants from war torn countries, they’ve seen a sharp spike in terrorism—and despite many claiming that the majority of refugees are people, growing concerns of terrorism have emerged.

London’s Scotland Yard has been placed into a state of high alert after discovering that a terrorist had placed an explosive in the subway. Bloodied and burnt victims ran for their lives after an explosion in London Underground this morning, and while EMT’s and other officials rushed to the scene, they have not yet found the suspect.

According to sources, the terrorist planted a “bucket bomb,” or a crude IED with a timer, and had attempted to blow up the train. Thankfully dozens of deaths were avoided, as it failed to properly detonate, but still over 20 people have been injured, including a 10-year-old boy.

Daily Mail reports on the London bombing incident:

Police are today hunting for the ‘bucket bomber’ who tried to blow up a rush hour Tube train amid claims the terror suspect is armed with knives and may have left other devices. 

The crude IED could have killed dozens but failed to properly detonate and sent a ‘wall of fire’ through the carriage injuring at least 22 people including a ten-year-old boy.

Terrified passengers were seen covered in blood with scorched hands, legs, faces and hair – others suffered crush injuries during a ‘human stampede’ as they ‘ran for their lives’ at Parsons Green station in west London at 8.20am. 

Photographs have shown what experts believe to be an unsophisticated bomb in a flaming white bucket inside a freezer bag, with Christmas lights protruding out of the top. Scarily enough, this is a type of fuse that is encouraged by ISIS in its online instruction manuals and magazines.

The IED is reported to have had a timer, indicating that the terrorist had left the scene before it exploded. Police are currently scouring through CCTV footage on the train and Tube stations, in an attempt to identify the man. Unfortunately however, this may not be the end of his reign of terror.

According to an officer on the scene, there may even be a second bomb—and another man on the loose with a knife:

An officer at the scene told MailOnline: ‘We believe there is a second bomb – there is a man with knives on the loose.’ 

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan urged Londoners to show vigilance and told LBC: ‘There is a manhunt under way as we speak.’ 

Witnesses to the explosion said there was a loud ‘bang’, a flash and then a ball of flame engulfed surrounding passengers on the ‘packed’ District Line train.

Luke Warsmey said: ‘The explosion was like a large match going off at the end of the carriage. People just started sprinting. It was every man for himself when that happened. The burn victims had severe leg injuries.

‘It was a very busy commuter train, young and old, school children going to their schools. I saw was nannies trying to look for kids, because of the rush of people just taking five and six year olds away from them and they were trying to look for them.’

London police have asked the public to dial 999 or the anti-terror hotline at 0800-789-321 if they see anything suspicious, and are encouraged to remain on the lookout for any signs of terror. This London bombing story is still developing and we will update it as the latest news comes out.

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