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THANKS BARACK! President Obama single-handedly killed the Democratic Party. Here’s proof.

Democratic Party

President Obama did what many Republicans could not: destroy the Democratic Party. The numbers do not lie.

A report by Fox News details how much power the Democratic Party has lost under Obama’s regime. The numbers are staggering. The facts come just as Obama claims in an interview that he could have beaten Donald Trump. Of course, that isn’t possible, what with that pesky Constitution and all. You remember the Constitution. It’s the thing President Obama says the founding fathers created that now restrains him.

Under President Obama’s watch, Democrats have lost elected offices at an unprecedented rate. That doesn’t just include the White House and Congress. Democrats have lost hundreds of state-level offices as well.

Fox News provides details.

President Obama claims he could have won a third term if he had been allowed to run – but even if he’s right, his coattails haven’t done much for the rest of his party.

While Obama’s tireless campaigning, broad demographic appeal and message of “hope” and “change” helped propel him to two terms in the White House, his skills on the stump haven’t translated down the ballot.

The Democratic Party suffered huge losses at every level during Obama’s West Wing tenure.

The grand total: a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

Democratic U.S. Senate seats fell from 55 to 46. Their share of the House plummeted from 256 seats to 194. Republicans still control both chambers going into the next session.

Democratic governerships also became a rarity during this eight-year period, slipping from 28 to 16.

The Obama years, which saw the rise of the Tea Party as well as a new movement form around Trump that is still being defined, coincided with a loss of 958 state legislative seats for Democrats.

Obama’s true legacy will be one of shifting public opinion against the liberal wave of political correctness he created. He created the Tea Party and gave rise to the populist movement that elected Doanld Trump.

Obama also gave Hillary Clinton the political platform to launch her presidential campaign. Considering how that turned out, perhaps we should thank him for that.

What do you think of the fall of the Democratic Party under President Obama’s tenure? Let us know in the comments!

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