That moment when you realize America is the Twilight Zone.


Like many conservatives coping with bouts of masochism I choked down the Democratic presidential debate last Tuesday, and at times I felt like I was having an out of body experience.

It was truly difficult watching a room full of adults cheer as Bernie Sanders implies flat out says that people aren’t entitled to their earnings, or when Hillary Clinton gave the country the middle finger on the issue of her emails (and not a word about the scandal with the Clinton Foundation taking money from foreign governments).

Separately, these are things that for ethical and national security reasons should disqualify her outright (to say nothing of what it would mean for a Republican), put them together and her candidacy is like a national suicide note on foreign policy alone…before we can even get to domestic.

Yet when asked to be accountable for any of it her defiance drew applause.

Then, the New York Times fawns on such traitorous notions as “the grown-ups” taking the stage.

It was impossible not to feel a sense of relief watching the Democratic debate after months dominated by the Republican circus of haters, ranters and that very special group of king killers in Congress. For those despairing about the future of American politics, here was proof that it doesn’t have to revolve around candidates who pride themselves on knowing nothing or believe that governing is all about destroying government.

Civility was a big winner on Tuesday night…

Just because every Democrat running is a life-expectancy defying dinosaur doesn’t mean they’re grown-ups. That has to be what they meant, because it sure wasn’t based on their rhetoric.

Also, the GOP has an actual race going on. There’s gonna be some fightin’. People who don’t fight for the presidency (Scott Walker) forcefully enough fade away. There’s nothing uncivil about that.

Except for the delusion of grandeur Sanders and his commie hipster fan base suffers from everyone knows the other guys have NO business running. That has an effect on the dynamics of a debate, it makes it a townhall emceed by Hillary.

This piece of NYT garbage wasn’t an editorial, it was pure propaganda, and a big lie to all honest people who actually watched it. America has basically become the Twilight Zone, and not just because that’s the stage of life most of the candidates are in.

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