THAT’S LOW: MSNBC uses journalist’s death to slam Donald Trump (VIDEO)



MSNBC is so desperate to take Donald Trump down a notch that they are using their colleague’s death to attack Donald Trump. The bottom of the barrel isn’t low enough for the mainstream media, it seems.

On Monday’s (11/14/2016) episode of “With All Due Respect” with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the duo gave a tribute to the late Gwen Ifill, the journalist and MSNBC contributor who died over the weekend from cancer. During their talk about Ifill, they lamented that she would not be around to hold Donald Trump accountable for his actions, and criticized him for his past statements. It was shameless, to say the least.

Watch the video for yourself. While you watch it, take pride that their disgusting attack on Trump means they are miserable that the “deplorables” finally had their say. Enjoy!

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