The Armed Panda


The evening “rush” was on at a popular downtown restaurant when a Giant Panda walked-in, and ordered dinner. When the Panda had finished eating, it stood up, pulled a 9mm Glock, and began to spray the bar with gunfire, shattering the mirror, destroying most of the bar stock, and terrorizing all of the customers. The Panda turned and walked toward the exit.

“What the hell was that all about!” shouted the bartender.

“I’m a Panda!” replied the bear, “You got a dictionary? Look it up!” The manager of the restaurant went into the office, returning with a dictionary, and read the entry to the still-shaken guests and staff:

“Panda—A bearlike mammal native to the bamboo forests of China and Tibet. Eats shoots and leaves.”

Found at Keep and Bear Arms

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