THE BEST #BREXIT TWEETS: Great Britain says FU to the EU!

We posted on why #Brexit needed to happen here. So this is very good news!


The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union today. In a massive victory for Brits who were tired of EU bureaucrats dictating to member nations, especially on the topic of Muslim refugees, UK voters told Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, the EU, and Muslims, “to hell with you, we’ll decide our own fate from now own.”

Obama spoke to British voters in April, basically threatening them that if they left the EU, the UK would be the last-in-line in terms of trading partners with the U.S.

CNN reported:

With flattery, poetry, and a blatant threat, President Barack Obama on Friday urged British voters to remain in the European Union — a controversial intervention into the referendum debate rocking America’s closest ally.

Obama rejected claims by anti-Europe campaigners that he was interfering in internal U.K. politics, and in a serious blow to the “Leave” campaign, warned Britain not to bank on a free trade deal with Washington if it quits the EU.

Britain’s response?


There’s a lot of reaction against the vote, but here are some of the best tweets explaining why the leave vote was the right way to go:

Not the biggest fan of Sarah Palin, but she’s right about the need to look into giving the UN the old heave ho…

Then there’s the fact that Trump totally called this.

Congrats to Britain for doing the right thing. It’s the first sane thing to come out of Europe in a long, LONG time.

h/t Freedom Daily

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