The case for why a liberal’s (or anyone else for that matter) disregard for truth is so evil


Think about anything a liberal believes and try to find the truth at the root of it. Take abortion for instance. Liberals insist that a fetus with functioning organs, living cells, and even the ability to feel pain, is not alive. Therefore it isn’t being killed in an abortion, but if it has those things then the truth is that abortion is murder.

That “life” comes before “liberty” and “the pursuit of happieness” is no coincidence. “Truth” comes before “justice” and “the American way” for the very same reason. If you don’t have truth (or life) everything that follows it is impossible to achieve.

That is the thesis of this fantastic video by Dennis Prager about the importance of God’s ninth commandment.

The Ninth Commandment: Do Not Bear False WitnessWith the death of Justice Antonin #Scalia, we were drawn to the Ninth Commandment, which is not only about testifying truthfully in court, but about believing in truth as a value in and of itself. Justice Scalia believed that being true to the #Constitution and being true to the position of a Supreme Court justice means valuing truth over opinion. In every aspect of life, and in all areas of society, truth is more important than opinions; truth is more important than feelings; and truth is more important than the always-shifting winds of cultural fads and popular norms.

Posted by PragerU on Friday, February 19, 2016

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