The Domestic DC Terrorists and The Not So Peaceful Transition of Power

By now we have all heard of the protests around the country and in Washington D.C. of the fairly and lawfully elected president Donald Trump.

To some Americans (if you can still call them that) it would seem like a story out of a post apocalyptic world, where people are fighting for their lives, squandering a piece of bread or a small bottle of precious water…or whatever is going through the mental disorder affected minds of the Libtards…

That’s the thing with a mental deficiency; the people experiencing it don’t know its happening. It’s a nut house without the house.
Let us not sugar coat this anymore, these people are home grown terrorist, period. To call them anything else is lie and a dishonor to hard working Americans and our values as a country. They sorely seem inconsolable, unwilling to listen or act on reason and sense. They are no different than the sick and brainwashed extremism that is seeping out of the Middle East into the armpits of the world known as ISIS.

I’ll give the democrats this, they didn’t successfully get Clinton elected so they couldn’t bring ISIS here. However, it sure seems they had a back-up plan; create social terrorist on our soil. They did this using a complex system of indoctrination to include media, News media, bullying, peer pressure, slowly creating social terrorist groups like the BLM, Hollywood, political leaders of the left, and sadly, our scholastic institutions.

The Hill Reports: D.C. Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham said More than 217 social terrorist have been arrested, according to The Hill. They have injured police, set many things on fire, have broken into businesses and have further destroyed our country and youth. They are sick and they were indoctrinated very subtly into the mental disorder known as liberal/ progressive terrorism.

For people who don’t suffer from severe lack of common sense, things are looking up with a business mogul who has taken whatever task he dedicates himself to the very top.  Donald Trump is officially president and had been a president elect that broke records before officially swearing in. He has changed the face of what politics will be like forever. No one has ever worked on being the president quite as hard as he has before he got the title of the most powerful person in the world.

But you couldn’t tell the Libtards that. It’s pure pandemonium in their minds. To them, it is the story of ‘Chicken Little’ and the sky is falling.

“The glass fronts of a Starbucks, a Bank of America branch, an Au Bon Pain, a local hotel and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse were shattered Friday morning, along with the screen of an ATM at another bank, police and witnesses said.”

In their mind, the Libs and progressives world is ending and all hope is lost if they don’t stop him and his falsely accused “sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic” (or whatever new term they have imagined today) followers.

Things are so bad in their little minds right now different protests going on around Washington D.C. are turning into riots and chaos. It’s like their own sick little festival, where they all shout “Not my president” while they pet fluffy pillows, play with play-doh and burn destroy hard working Americans belongings.


While wearing their safety pins, calling each other whatever gender they can imagine, no matter what sunshine and rainbows you try to make of these actions, they have become terrorists. We need to stop them, for good.

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H/T  The Daily News

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