The Dumbing Down Of America: Half-wits Sign Petition To Ban Your Free Speech (VIDEO)

ban free speech liberals

Mark Dice, a popular YouTuber and conservative political commentator, regularly has video segments where he walks around and asks completely random people to sign the most ridiculous of petitions. Here’s his most recent video, released just hours ago:

I urge you to watch this, because the complete hypocrisy and lunacy of these liberal fanatics is absolutely astounding. Here are some of the things they agreed to sign on:

  • A petition to BAN FREE SPEECH in public areas
  • A petition to paint the white house brown, so as to not offend minorities
  • A petition to give LGBT people $1,000 a month just for being LGBT
  • A petition to ban the American flag, because it’s racist
  • A petition to install urinals into women’s bathrooms

No, my friends, I am not joking. If you don’t believe me, watch the video—here’s some quotes from the video:

“I need a few more signatures for a new initiative just to prevent political and religious speech at the beach…we don’t really need people talking about politics or religion out in public, right? [couple signs petition] …we’re just trying to mute peoples’ political and religious speech, just when they’re in public though…”

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“…paint the white house like a brownish color, so it’s not so symbolic of white supremacy, but we need a few more signatures to get that on the ballot [man signs]”

“…birth date there, and a signature [woman signs]. There’s enough money floating around out there that lesbians and gays can get an extra $1,000 a month from us. Thank you so much!”

“[men sign]…what we were thinking is maybe like a pyramid or something to represent the new world order…to replace the old American flag.”

“[woman signs]…just trying to get the illegal aliens allowed to vote this election to stop Donald Trump…”

“The white privilege tax, just a small 1% on Caucasians to help fund programs in the minority community…[black man signs]”

Honestly, I could not make this stuff up—it’s appalling that so many people are so uneducated in this country. I think it may be time to start homeschooling your children, because if this is what schools brainwash our youth to believe, I’m not so sure if it’s worth it anymore.


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