The GOP Primary stars appear to be lining up for Ted Cruz…


I read months ago that Ted Cruz might end up being the GOP’s guy because his campaign fundamentals were really strong. It appears this hasn’t changed.

He is now the second choice of both Trump and Carson supporters. Trump supporters are much less likely than Cruz supporters to go to the Iowa Caucus right now and the Cruz organization is so far ahead of everyone else in organizing, it is becoming an insurmountable organizational lead for Cruz. If Cruz swings out of Iowa with a win, it will propel further momentum in his direction as he swings south to South Carolina and the SEC Primary. In both Texas and Georgia, the two big states on March 1st, Cruz has extremely impressive ground game operations. In Georgia, Cruz has one of the best Presidential ground game operations I have seen…

Cruz still has some very well funded super PACs and has put his Washington spending principles to work on the campaign trail. Cruz’s campaign knows how to get every penny out of a dollar bill and maximize every single thing the campaign does. His campaign is not consultant heavy. Instead, Cruz has consultants, but the consultants he has are people loyal to him, not a commission. That makes a difference.

This is consistent with what has been said about his operation from the very beginning. I have my reservations about Cruz because he is basically in the exact same place in his Senate career that Obama was in when he ran. I’m also usually reticent, personally, to support members of congress with zero executive experience being “promoted” to President (in quotes after what Obama has done to the office, so much for co-equal branches of government). Cruz is seemingly running a very good campaign, but Obama has proven that a good campaign does not a good president make.

That said, Cruz is NOT the empty suit (or empty head) Obama always has been. Cruz has a resume worth talking about, and unlike the dearth of testimonials about Obama, Cruz was actually a memorable law school student student (and in a good way). I would very enthusiastically support him if he was the nominee.

Needless to say he would be the better choice between him and any Democrat, or most Republicans. The reason for this being the biggest thing he has going for him is that out of all of the candidates he comes closest to passing the “purity test.” Conservatives always seem to put a premium on that before the rest of the party chooses the “electable” GOPe/RINO. This time they might actually get what they want.

The RINO standing in his way this time is Trump, but despite his high poll numbers right now and as much as he has become a projection of (apparently) a lot of “politically incorrect” sentiment in the Republican electorate he isn’t as eminently electable his supporters might think. The EFF-YOO shtick wont defy gravity forever. Or maybe it will, we are still waiting on that combover, after all. ;-)

In other news Lindsay Graham has dropped out of the race.

“I’ve hit a wall,” the senator said.

Brother, when someone can’t get more than 1% of the vote on their best day they don’t hit a wall, they merge with it.

This is great news for George Pataki, who will surely benefit from this now that the Florence Nightingale vote is a little less split.

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