The GOP’s unintentionally best campaign spokesman: Bill Clinton?

A previous post showed that Bill Clinton looks like he’s losing it, and this doesn’t help dispel that assertion.

From The Washington Examiner

For the second time this month, Bill Clinton has slammed President Obama’s economy, the latest a junking of his whole seven-plus years in office as an “awful legacy…

Earlier this month, he slammed Obama for exaggerating his economic successes, saying, “Millions and millions and millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of America he painted and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives.”

Does Hillary Clinton really want Bill telling people that Barack Obama has an “awful legacy” when they’re all in the same ideological gene pool? Any Republican candidate with a pulse would tell you that the takeaway from that message is vote for her if you want at least four more years of failure.

Sorry Democrats, you get to own Obama’s “awful legacy” because it belongs to you too, and the absolute last person who can disavow themselves of it is Hillary Clinton.

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