The KICK @$$ ad from the man running against Paul Ryan, “Truth Resurrection”

Paul Nehlen is challenging Speaker Paul Ryan for his congressional seat. Usually challenges to powerful members of congress who usually win by very wide margins is a fools errand. I don’t know about this time though.

This is his ad, and it’s a damn good ad.

He doesn’t say too much, but what he says speaks volumes. I don’t know the conditions of Wisconsin’s first district but Nehlen paints a bleak picture, and shows that he may be a tatted up biker (which points to his authenticity), but then putting on the suit after that shows an understanding of the job he’s fighting for, and that he doesn’t mess around.

If you want to challenge the man who is second in line to be president this is definitely the way to do it. As someone who was at one time an enthusiastic supporter of Paul Ryan a few years ago, color me impressed.

I would give this guy a shot.

h/t The Resurgent

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