The King of Jordan: A portrait of strong leadership against ISIS

This is from an email that was sent to me. Far be it from me to extol the virtues of a monarchy, given my love for our democratic republic, but the point being made here is simultaneously funny, sad, and true. I don’t know if the story is true, but the point being made most certainly is.


Jordon’s King Abdullah II goes after ISIS, hopefully to the last man.


The Islamic State (ISIS) put a captured Jordanian pilot in a metal cage, poured gasoline onto him, set him afire, and filmed his death. They then released the video to the world, showing how evil they are.

What they DIDN’T think of was what poor, little Jordan would think about it. It turns out that Jordan’s king is totally pissed. He’s declared war on ISIS and says that Jordan will fight until the last round has been sent downrange.

ISIS soon realized that burning the pilot alive was a very bad idea. You see, King Abdullah II is also an attack helicopter pilot, who recently led an attack on ISIS.


Oh, he also rides a Harley Davidson


His queen is totally hot ! (I forgot to mention, she’s Palestinian.)


AND he was trained at Sandhurst, the esteemed British Royal Military Academy. He is specifically qualified in special warfare and has ensured that Jordan has the best equipped and most highly trained special warfare troops in the region; AND he is a qualified jump master.


The King, a major general, is a bona fide warrior !




THIS is what we have.

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