THE MIGHTY FALL: Hillary Clinton Was Paid Less Than a Reality TV Star to Give a College Speech

Hillary Clinton speech

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used to command upwards of $200,000 to give a speech. 

Now that she’s lost a presidential election, however, Clinton’s value has hit the clearance aisle. She is now pulling in discount rates to give speeches in which she blames everyone but herself for losing the election.

For a recent speech at Rutgers University, Clinton reportedly was paid a mere $25,000 – which sounds like a lot of money for you and I, but for Hillary, that may not have even covered her pantsuit expenses. Clinton promoted her speech as describing “her role in shaping women’s political history.” No, we’re not kidding.

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For the record, Clinton is not prone to giving discounts to colleges or charity groups to speak. There are multiple reports of Clinton charging her standard rate in these instances. Of course, those groups and colleges would usually sell tickets to attend her speech, so they were still moneymakers. Not so anymore.

Clinton’s new discounted rate is made even more embarrassing after it was revealed that Rutgers recently paid Snooki, the star of MTV’s reality show “Jersey Shore,” $32,000 – $7,000 more than Clinton – to speak there.

The incident is not only a damning indictment of Clinton’s fall from grace, it’s also an embarrassing reflection on the standards Rutgers University has set, if they consider Snooki a suitable figure to give a speech. Consider also that Snooki is giving speeches at a time when conservatives are being kept from giving college speeches for fear of riots.

Not even, a liberal website, could resist poking fun at their own political messiah. Stephen Crockett writes:

According to a report at, Clinton, who once commanded speaking fees of up to $200,000, was recently paid less than reality-TV star Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, aka “Snooki” of Jersey Shore fame, to speak at Rutgers University.

Clinton was paid $25,000 for a speech about “politics, American democracy and her role in shaping women’s political history.” Admittedly, it sounds like a snoozer of a speech.

This seems like a marketing issue in Clinton’s camp. I don’t think Clinton has lost her appeal; I just think she needs to look at really selling her speeches. Here are a few topic suggestions that might help get Clinton back on the money train:

*“Betrayal: How 53 Percent of America’s White Women Turned on Me!”
*“America: I Hate Your Face!”
*“How to Royally Fuck Up an Election”; or
*“Pantsuits: Not Only for Debates”

Clinton definitely needs to look into jazzing it up a bit, considering that Snooki’s tagline for her $32,000 speech—$7,000 more than Clinton received for her speech at the same university—was “Study Hard, but Party Harder.”

Granted, Snooki wasn’t paid to give a political speech, nor was she paid out of the same budget Clinton was paid from, but still, this feels like a sad day in this new America.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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