The new ‘Book of Presidents’ that will cause libs to LOSE IT

Book of Presidents

The great national nightmare that is Barack Obama is almost over. The cover to the new Book of Presidents proves it.

The George Sullivan book, created for elementary school students by Scholastic, provides a history of the presidency and lists the Presidents and their accomplishments. The latest version, now available to purchase, features Donald Trump front and center. Barack Obama is relegated to a shrunken image at Trump’s feet. He is literally a footnote in history already.

Liberals will HATE the cover, especially knowing that they think Hillary’s mug should have been plastered across the front.

Check out the cover that is already making America great again.

Book of Presidents

Red State Watcher even posted this image, from a Scholastic book order form given out to school students.

It offers the book with the exclamation ‘Includes Our New President!”

Book of Presidents

You can order the Scholastic Book of Presidents for yourself from Amazon by clicking right here.

What do you think about the new Scholastic Book of Presidents? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

H/T: Red State Watcher

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