The New York Times caught spreading FAKE NEWS on Ben Carson



If you’re looking to report a fake news story to Facebook, just tell them to check out The New York Times.

The paper was called out over getting the facts of a story wrong, all while attacking Dr. Ben Carson’s nomination as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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The story, by Sheryl Gay Storberg, ran in Monday’s edition of the Times. It was originally titled “Ben Carson Lived in Public Housing, but Critics Worry Over How He Will Lead It,” and stated that Carson grew up in public housing. Its source was Armstrong Williams, a friend of Carson. The problem is, it wasn’t true.  After the statement was widely circulated and then discredited, The New York Times had to backtrack. The following retraction was issued.

“Correction: December 5, 2016 – An earlier version of this article, relying on information from Armstrong Williams, a close friend of Ben Carson, misstated a part of Mr. Carson’s childhood. Mr. Williams said Monday that Mr. Carson had never lived in government housing.”

This sloppy reporting is inexcusable. It could have easily been fact-checked, but the Times did not care. They were too concerned with building an anti-Carson narrative.

Here’s the problem with the reporting by The New York Times. Within hours of Carson being nominated for HUD Secretary, the Times was already trying to undermine his nomination. It questioned the competency of a brain surgeon to lead a government agency, a fact which even a die-hard liberal would find hard to swallow. The irony is, the Times tried to discredit Carson even though it believed he had been a product of public housing. In any other circumstance, such a situation would be celebrated by the media. A black man who rose above the shackles of public housing to ultimately lead the government agency he relied on would be a great story. If that black man is a liberal. Because Carson is conservative, however, it somehow is a negative. Such is the bias of the Times.

The bias of The New York Times is exposed, once again. But no one cares.

The Times has taken significant criticism over its bias and reporting. Tucker Carlson confronted New York Times public editor Liz Spayd on his show last week over tweets by its reporters that revealed their contempt for Donald Trump and other Republicans. Spayd admitted that the bias was real and a problem for objectivity. Spayd had to walk back her comments Monday after outrage from the very reporters she criticized.

Perhaps the best response to The New York Times fake news scandal came from Gov. Mike Huckabee. After he himself quoted the housing “fact” about Carson, he had to correct himself. He did so, however, at the Times’ expense.

Read Huckbee’s epic tweet below.

Leave your take on The New York Times fake news scandal in the comments below.

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