The organ that’s in charge of the body…

This is the perfect metaphor for how liberals behave and what their actions are doing to America

All of the organs are deciding who should be in charge:

“I should be in charge,” said the brain , “I run all the body’s systems, without me nothing would happen.”

“I should be in charge,” said the heart , “I circulate oxygen and nutrients all over.”

“No! I should be in charge,” said the stomach, “I process the food that gives us energy.”

“I should be in charge,” said the legs, “without me the body couldn’t go anywhere.”

“I should be in charge,” said the eyes, “I allow the body to see where it goes.” “I should be in charge,” said the anus, “I am responsible for waste removal.”

All of the other body parts laughed at the anus and insulted him. So he shut down. Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery, and the heart pumped toxic blood. They all decided that the anus should be the boss.

What is the moral of the story? Even though everybody else does all of the work the ass hole is usually in charge

It’s true. Look at Democrats with their protesters who inflict violence on Trump supporters, and block roads to his events. In congress they have “sit ins” designed to infringe and/or do away with the second and fifth amendments. They shout down conservative speakers on college campuses, and that’s if they allow the speaker to take the podium at all.

All of it is designed to shut down and break down society for on singular purpose: To bend to their will.

Liberals (or leftists, or progressives…whatever) are the assholes of civilization, and since the 60’s they have been bound and determined to let us know it.

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