The plan to knock Trump out at the GOP convention, EVEN IF he has a majority of delegates

If any of this is accurate it’s tantamount a suicide note for the Republican Party.

Shhhh. I’ve just come from a meeting of the Republican Establishment. You know, those guys who want to replace what the voters want with what they want. That Republican Establishment. I’m not supposed to tell you what was said, so don’t quote me. I’ve been to every Republican National Convention since 1964 and I’ve worked the floor in every convention since 1972 including for Ronald Reagan in 1976, the last time we had a contested GOP Convention. So let’s just say I know the ropes.

Despite his historic run in the primaries, Trump will never, repeat never, get the nomination if this bunch can stop him. Forget about them conceding Trump the victory once he gets to the magic 1237 (Fifty percent of the available delegates). They’ve cooked up a strategy to be employed at all costs to steal delegates from Trump so that he’ll fall below the 1237 on the first ballot, and then, before the second ballot to present one of their group (Mitt Romney, call your office) as the Savior of the Grand Old Party.

HOW DELUSIONAL must the Republican Party be if they think two-time LOSERS like Mitt Romney would win the general election after undermining the will of the Republican electorate? If turnout is skyrocketing due to Trump why the hell would they bother doing so for someone they not only don’t want but was never an original choice in the first place…talk about suicidal.

While each state’s individual law governs, most delegates are not bound to the candidate that brought them once the first ballot is over. Stall Trump on the first ballot and the Bush-Romney-Rubio-Kasich-Ryan-McConnell combine can go really to work

Cleveland, ladies and gentlemen, won’t be for the faint of heart.

Sounds exciting…if you’re a leftist who has wet dreams of America becoming a one-party system. Even if you’re part of the #NeverTrump movement you have to admit no good will come of this.

See the specifics of how the GOP fat cats allegedly plan to do to derail Trump here.

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