THE RISE OF COMMON SENSE: Politicians who put their own country and culture first drives liberals crazy

Liberals will write this editorial off as racist and xenophobic, and for some who agree with it those feelings might very well be stoked, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not telling the truth. If western civilization is to survive there MUST be a return to common sense and an objective understanding of right and wrong.

The shocking lack of both has led to weakness and equivocation on rampant immigration, from parts of the world whose cultures don’t just clash with the west, but demand the west be essentially destroyed.

To be clear, my agreement with this piece stems from the proviso that if your love of country and the preservation of your culture motivates you to join this “rise of common sense” for all American citizens of every stripe, good. If white supremacy is your motivation then you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

I believe the author of this supports the former. From The Daily Mail, emphasis in bold is mine:

When ‘Right-thinking’ commenters and the European elite awoke this morning to the prospect that Austria could be the first European country to be led by a populist right leader they were aghast.

In the event Nobert Hofer of the Freedom party narrowly lost his bid to become Austrian President.
But it is still a momentous day and I couldn’t be happier.

In Austria, European governments should see a narrowly-averted mirror of their own future.

Look long and hard my friends, because this is coming your way.

A new populist politics is back in the ascendant, defending national identity and protecting the rights of true nationals from the drain of immigration. And this is just the start of things to come.

Make no mistake: the author of this Europe-wide phenomenon is Merkel.

She has penned a new era in history, in which Europe rejects an open-door policy to immigration which would lead to our women being the target of archaic cultures and religions, and rape being a helpless man’s only response to the provocative sight of an unveiled woman.

But this is more than a rejection of European immigration policy.

This is individual nations asserting their right to self-govern. Peoples voting to protect their sense of self and reassert sovereignty.

These nations do not want to be part of some amorphous whole, a blancmange of nonsense led by a German. And they are fighting back in city squares chanting ‘never again’.

Hofer says: ‘To those in Austria who go to war for Islamic State or rape women, I say to those people: “This is not your home.”’

I have a strong sense many of you would vote for a British leader with precisely these views.
And Hofer is not alone.

The Danish People’s Party has 21 per cent of the vote and publicised its policy of removing valuables over the value of £1,045 from immigrants to pay for their welfare. It also placed adverts in Lebanese newspapers warning against migration to Denmark.

The UK, on the other hand, advertises its benefits and accommodates migrants in hotels.
In Finland the populist Right argues that true Finns take priority in social and healthcare spending.

The UK prioritises immigrants for school places and council homes and gives away healthcare for free.
Marine Le Pen’s National Front (FN) is the biggest nationalist challenge to Europe’s liberal democratic traditions. She has modernised the party and mobilised support in the face of terror attacks.

In Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland — parties which espouse the same views are also on the rise.

Questioning immigration, the EU and the establishment, while promoting a strong sense of nationalist sentiment, is now entirely ‘salonfaehig’, as German-speakers would say.

Their ugly word for ‘passable in your living room’ — or, as we would say, socially acceptable.
Merkel, for the record, is not salonfaehig in my home.

The Swiss even use controversial black-sheep posters to make their point about immigration.
Liberals call them racist but, frankly, when do they ever stop using that term, so overused to have lost all meaning? If I’m not being called racist, I barely recognise myself.

But it suits the Left to throw out insults and put lazy labels on these political parties, seeking to marginalise or discredit them despite their obvious electoral success and democratic support.

It calls these parties the Far Right, hoping you will close your eyes, picture a skinhead with a beer belly and an England flag tattooed on his forehead, and snigger.

But remember, this breed of lazy socialists also mocked Donald Trump, and will continue to do so as he ascends the steps to the White House.

They smirk, cocooned in their London bubble as will no doubt still be listening to the BBC still calling Donald Trump a buffoon even as he descend the stairs from Air Force One.

Meanwhile Americans want him to speak up on their behalf. To be the voice of the people, to Make America Great Again, to halt immigration, protect their cultural identity and reassert their right to look after their own culture first.

It’s no coincidence Hofer and Trump both use the same slogan: America/Austria First!
And these words are being echoed all around Europe. Restrict immigration, self-govern, reassert the right to put your own people first.

And as I look west towards Trump in the White House, east to Hofer in Austria and Le Penn resurgent in France, north towards the Danish People’s Party with the toughest immigration rules in Europe, and south to the stronghold of the Swiss People’s Party — I see a political compass whose true direction is set on national identity and sovereignty.

This movement is supported by people living in their cultural homeland, working hard, paying taxes, looking for someone, anyone, to speak up for their rights, their country, their future.

And if Merkel continues the madness of trying to fast-track Turkey into the EU, millions more will join them.

Just as if Britain has the guts to vote to leave the EU, I have no doubt citizens all over Europe will start demanding that they too get a vote.

All over the Western world, multiculturalism is being rejected in favour of national identity. The surge of populist politics of the Right reflects a deeper will of the people to take back power from those who believe we are all equal. We all have rights.

We are not. We do not.

If you come to our country and fight for Islamic State, rape our women, and then ask Europe to defend your human rights, this is not your home.

Our NHS, our schools, our local doctors’ surgeries — they are not yours to monopolise either. Our children should come first.

The balance of power is shifting. Raising the spectre of fascism is just lazy labelling
This is not the silencing of humanity, nor the deafening roar of bald men in black boots and bomber jackets waving the Union, fighting their own shadows.

This is the rise of common sense.

This is your voice being heard.

Read the entire piece here.

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