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To those who have opened their eyes, who are starting to open their eyes and to those who are squinting their eyes. I was raised in a democrat house hold, that has been democrat for many generations, have opened my eyes.

I have voted democrat since I was of age and even voted for Obama the first time around. I was never really involved in politics but voted because it was my right to and my duty to vote. Over the past eight years or so, as I have aged, I started to watch and learn how our country functions. I discovered that there is a lot of corruption on both sides of the aisle in politics.

People will say that the corruption has gone on for generations as a way of telling me that it is normal and to just let it go, there is nothing you can do. Maybe not, but I hope to do something about it and encourage others to do the same. I believe that we are in and have been involved in WWIII for about 30 years or so and it is progressing right under our noses, entrenched within our borders, all around us, playing the victim card anytime they are discussed, to shut down the free speech and silence us. They use this countries freedoms and laws against us, as they are empowered by this administration. They are growing by the moment to eventually take over this country in the coming generations. Your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc… will be fighting for the American way of life if this is not addressed by our generation.

Many people refuse to even consider this may be happening and don’t want to get involved or even be bothered with this issue, as it does not directly affect their lives today. They close their eyes and ears to all that is going on around them. They are in denial. They choose to text and walk or text and drive, in a trance with their phones, being distracted by what the state run media and advertisements put out for publication. Their supporters will attempt to make a logical argument that this is not happening and when their words are not getting through to brainwash us, they use names like racist or bigot to shut the conversation down. We are losing freedoms by the day and they are gaining freedoms by the day to take over this country, using this countries laws to do so.

We now have a candidate that will represent the silent majority. Will you remain silent in November and allow four more years of the same last eight years? Or will you NOT remain silent anymore? When I think about the people of the silent majority who say they would never vote for or support this candidate, I think they represent the establishment and the status quo. They would prefer things remain the same and as they have been progressing.

This administration and the establishment has progressed global socialism or communism, where they remain the elite and we remain the struggling to get by. A global distribution of the wealth that is tearing down America and giving to other nations to increase their wealth and power in the world. Tearing down or weakening America to lift other countries does not make things ok around the world.

A strong America is the only thing that can help the world. A weak America cannot continue to help other nations, as shown by the growth of the cancer in the middle east that is spreading like wildfire. Our ancestors fought for the American way of life that many take for granted today, causing people to be apathetic to what is going on in this country and the world.

There are a lot of people in this country that use the victim card as do other nations around the world in order to get free stuff… I say charity begins at home and we have a duty to help Americans first. Our living Veterans, their families and the truly disabled needy right here in America should come first! Then we can consider the people of other nations. However, we must do so without bankrupting America and the American citizens. It is time to awaken the sleeping giant that is the silent majority.

This video and the words have a lot of meaning to me and my hopes for this country.


– Jim Lawless, Ex Democrat


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