The top 10 Reasons it’s about time MSNBC fired their absolute worst host, Melissa Harris-Perry

Most people probably don’t know who Melissa Harris-Perry is because most people have better things to do than watch MSNBC. The ONLY reason I’m aware of her at all is because she has made some of the most outrageous, ignorant, insane, and stupid statements I’ve ever seen someone who is part of a news network make. That’s a high bar for someone who is part of the the MSNBC roster.

Well, she recently bit the hand that feeds her, and is now probably polishing off her resume for a slot as on The View, which is probably the only show she’s qualified to be on, and even that show is above her intellectual paygrade.

She really was just the worst. Here are the top 10 worst of the worst from the worst. If you don’t have the stomach to watch the video you can see read them below

Montage: 10 Reasons MSNBC Should Have Canned Harris-Perry Ages…

Montage: 10 Reasons MSNBC Should Have Canned Harris-Perry Ages Ago

Posted by Grabien on Sunday, February 28, 2016

10. When she cut off a guest for praising Paul Ryan’s “hard work” as he apparently was unaware “hard work” is a racist phrase.

9. The MSNBC promo in which she argued for state ownership of children.

8. After the George Zimmerman verdict, she said she wished her sons didn’t exist (as it’s “not safe”).

7. The show in which she argued cops are scarier than ISIS or Ebola.

6. After the Baltimore riots, she made the case that “arson and looting” are not violent acts.

5. When Mark Cuban said he walks away from people on the street who appear menacing, Harris-Perry used that as a news peg to compare the NBA to slavery.

4. During a segment on ‘Star Wars,’ she lamented the racist undertones of the entire series.

3. After President Obama announced “normalization” with Cuba, Harris-Perry worried Cuba might be ruined … by American tourists.

2. After a Muslim Oklahoma man attacked his colleagues and beheaded his boss, Harris-Perry said it was a case of “workplace violence.”

1. And the moment that will cement her legacy in the basement of MSNBC’s ratings cellar: After Rep. Wendy Davis filibustered proposed regulations on abortion providers in Texas, Harris-Perry showed her solidarity by … wearing tampons as earrings.

h/t Grabien and Chicks on the Right

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