The View should be renamed “The Spew” after getting schooled by Rand Paul on guns…


With the exception of Candace Cameron Bure the other members of the panel, especially Whoopi (Joy Behar is a super close second) really do come across as almost literally gasbags. As in fleshy bags full of gas.

That’s the only explanation I can think of as to how this video ends. Whoopi starts railing against people owning automatic weapons, which have been illegal for decades. Rand smacks her with that truth and responds by REPEATING what she said before.

Therefore, she is not a sentient being, she is an inanimate and smelly gasbag because every sound she makes stinks…welcome to “The Spew.”

I know I gave away the ending, but it’s still fun to see Rand…shoot holes…in their crappy (because they’re gasbags) arguments.

h/t The Libertarian Republic

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