There are three things that are certain about the shootout at the Colorado Planned Parenthood


I’m usually reticent to get into the mud created by shootings like the one Robert L. Dear perpetrated at the Colorado Planned Parenthood. The usual partisan/ideological lines get drawn and wild speculation and flat out lies often drive a narrative that I want little or nothing to do with, as counter-intuitive as that might seem for a blogger, because it ends up being a distraction than a substantive discussion.

The problem with that type of inaction is liberals live for moments like this (remember when Democratic analyst Mark Penn sort of fantasized in about how Obama needed an Oklahoma City bombing type event to solidify his chances of reelection? And then, according to Chris Matthews, Obama got it.) because they allow the left to personify all of Planned Parenthood, and turn it into a martyr for the greater good of…um…abortion(?)

Another, more concise way to put it would be that liberals live for death they can use.

As nauseous as it all is, I have trouble faulting other conservatives for getting in the mud, even when it’s very well reasoned and argued. They have to do something to counter the brazen dishonesty that liberals put out there, including propaganda like this from Buzzfeed (emphasis added is mine):

NARAL was in the midst of a campaign to push the Obama administration to investigate reported instances of vandalism and attempted arson at abortion provider sites as acts of domestic terrorism when the Colorado Springs shooting happened. On Wednesday, the group planned to deliver a nearly 60,000-signature petition to the Department of Justice calling for that investigation to begin. The petition now features mention of the Colorado Springs shooting and ties it directly to the surreptitiously recorded Planned Parenthood videos — which accuse the organization of selling aborted fetuses’ organs and tissues and include graphic descriptions — that have dogged that group for much of the year.

The word “terrorism” is important, activists told BuzzFeed News. They’re trying to make the case that anti-abortion rhetoric ties directly to abortion clinic vandalism, and, finally, to the Colorado shooting. “Terrorism” signals that the ideology behind the shooting was extreme in nature, activists said, and suggests a network of anti-abortion groups and advocates are helping to fuel violence.

There’s a lot that remains unclear, but there are three things that are certain (to me) from this latest tragedy/controversy:

1. This is it’s not the fault of conservatism. No reasonable person believes the pro-life or pro-second amendment movements want to blow up Planned Parenthood and shoot up anyone connected to it. It makes absolutely no sense logically that movements predicated on responsibility, the preservation of innocent life, and the good moral character needed to uphold them would call for its adherents to engage in terrorism and murder as part of any strategy to gain political or cultural upper-hand. That’s insane, which might be why liberals believe it so ardently. Sanity is something that appears to them only when they looking at the world with a mirror.

Inciting violence through rhetoric is what liberals do. Liberals are the ones who call for “violent revolution” to get what they want, with rare exception (exceptions that are condemned early and often by the right, unlike the non-existent condemnation radical Islam receives from the “moderates) conservatism has called for the opposite.

If this latest shooting was an act of terrorism then it was one of collateral damage caused by friendly fire. Unlike Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other pro-abortion zealots, the NRA and the pro-life movement don’t have the explicit goal of extinguishing innocent life in common with radical Islam.

2. Robert L. Dear is a broken human being. Not literally broken in the way that Planned Parenthood can’t make money off of it broken, granted, but he is broken. The common denominator in just about all shootings we see in America is that the perpetrator of them tends to have severe mental problems, and liberals are all too happy to project their own twisted worldview onto the motives of these mentally ill people. They do so order to stifle future debate about abortion, so they can create a culture where this “choice” is actually as essential to life as breathing.

Liberals want to stand on the graves of Dear’s victims and point to his “views” (as they project onto him) as the template for profiling and stopping future “domestic terrorists” preemptively. Anyone with the temerity to be incensed by the sale of aborted babies would be labeled a dangerous powder keg in their eyes, and something must be done about it, yesterday.

The people in the Buzzfeed article aren’t stupid, just evil. They know Dear isn’t some conservative version of The Punisher, but he created a crisis and they are NOT about to let it go to waste.

3. Liberal activists like the ones in the Buzzfeed story have no bottom to their barrel. You have to wonder that maybe they shouldn’t even be counted as members of humanity anymore. To equate the actions of a mentally unstable person to the deliberate tactics of murder and mayhem executed by the likes of ISIS, and then to draw a line from that to the videos of Planned Parenthood selling parts of babies for a profit, shows how maniacally addicted the left is to clinging bitterly for dear life onto their lucrative culture of death.

Their reason for attempting to connect the two is as clear as the darkness they bring to this world. In terms of physics, darkness is the absence of light. That’s what the PP videos were, light, and you can’t see the truth without it. Abortion zealots don’t want you to associate Robert Dear with muckraking pro-lifers exposing the dearth of ethics, accountability, and greed brought on by their profiting from death…they NEED you to make that connection.

The only way they can do that is by extinguishing the light by any means necessary.

Image of Dear via The Federalist

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