There are two paths: THIS is the UNITY speech that post-Trump GOP defectors desperately need to hear…

I am no GOP shill. I left the party in 2006 because I saw back then how messed up the leadership was, but in leaving the party I never joined the other side, and I never will.

Anyone who is willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not SATISFIED with “this” candidate, more than shame on you. YOU’RE. ON. THE OTHER. SIDE.

^ This is Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012, roughly two weeks before he died. I wasn’t in the room when he gave this speech, but all throughout the convention center there were monitors broadcasting speeches from the main hall. So, I heard him and it was awesome to hear, because he was right.

As an aside one of the great regrets of my life will be not taking the opportunity to say hello to him when he was just a few feet away from me in the hotel bar after that speech, being that we were both from Southern California I figured I would have better chances to meet him…boy, did I learn the meaning of “carpe diem” after his death.

If memory serves Mitt Romney won the CPAC presidential straw poll that year.

Let that sink in…

Mitt Romney, the father of what became the precursor to Obamacare, a man who proclaimed he was pro-choice when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the senate in Massachusetts and later for governor, a man who had Massachusetts become the first state in the country to allow for gay marriage on his watch. Romney’s record was, in no uncertain terms, one that pointed to that of a RINO….THAT man was the top choice for the largest and premier gathering of conservatives in 2012, and we all know he later went on to become the GOP nominee.

Many of those same conservatives are abandoning ship four years later over a man who has had similar flip flops on the issues stated above. I don’t like them now anymore than I liked it when Romney did it. Romney was one of my last picks for the nomination in 2012, and I happily voted for him in November.

Trump was pretty much my last pick this year. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t get a true conservative to take on Hillary, but there are two paths. One of them involves electing another closet communist that wants to turn 8 years of American decline into 12 or 16, another literally wants to do the opposite…so much so that it’s his tagline.

My vote is Donald Trump’s to lose, and I don’t think he will. If he has to earn yours, fine, but we need to be united, like, yesterday.

We can fight for the soul of conservatism and what it means to be Republican after Hillary Clinton gets placed in the ash heap of presidential history once and for all. If that means a new party or the further ascendance of the Tea Party, great, but can we beat Hillary first. PLEASE?

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