There’s a simple explanation for why liberals allowed “Ahmed the clock boy” to “punk” them


Almost a month ago exactly I pointed out the narcissism of people who defended Ahmed the clock boy.

It has progressed way beyond that, they’re not just narcissists, they got punked too…

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Some have conjectured, perhaps wildly, that Ahmed’s father is working on behalf of Islamist parties. Who knows? The reality is that the episode won him a meeting with major Islamist figures, like the prime minister of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoglu and the president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. In fact, Mohamed al-Hassan Mohamed wanted to challenge Bashir for the presidency in the 2010 elections, but the Butcher of Darfur, as the accused war criminal who has ruled Sudan since 1989 is popularly known, wouldn’t have it. Did Mohamed’s political aspirations set the clock-scam in motion? Well, now he’s got personal contacts—and photographs!—with an impressive roster of world leaders….Surely, he’s in line for a ministerial position—and the money that will follow as a consequence…

Still, like I said, it’s an American story. Ahmed’s father is above all a con man. Who knows exactly what he intended, but any hustler worthy of the name knows that if you want to win you have to play…

American folklore as well as our classic literature—from Herman Melville through Hammett and down to David Mamet—makes plain a simple fact: No one is ever conned against their will. Rather, the victim’s vanity is the central ingredient in the confidence scheme. And that’s why it was so easy to play the president. Did he really have to tweet an invitation to Ahmed to come to the White House before he knew the whole story?…(Obama) is risking the interests and the prestige of the country he was elected to lead for the sake of his own vanity. Yes the president is very vain, which is what makes him such an easy mark, every time.



Getting punked does go hand in hand with narcissism, but as unlikely as it was this kid could’ve been the real deal. Even if that was the case the left was still wildly wrong to offer up their knee-jerk (emphasis on jerk) defense without knowing anything about the situation. They also don’t care that authorities have more to consider than the feigned outrage of a Muslim family trolling for racism by displaying the very behavior that gives birth racial stereotypes in the first place.


The bottom line to liberals is nobody got hurt, this time…but what about the next? Will this whole thing condition teachers to hesitate long enough for a real attack to take place? If that is the case then self-serving “courage” of the left to defend these “injustices” will prove to be just as dangerous as the acts themselves.

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