There’s a very simple reason to not believe the sobbing for Sanders video that has gone viral

So, it’s not nice to say, but it’s true, here’s four minutes of insufferable bulls**t from Chelsea, the apparent chair of the Super Pac “Crybabies for Bernie Sanders.” She recounts her experience phone banking for Bernie Sanders and gets tearful telling us her experience with racist white people in the deep south.

A lot of people are focusing on her tears and what a ridiculous and sheltered person Chelsea seems to be. I’m more interested in the Oscar she’s competing for.

Her entire story, from start to finish, is nonsense. Anyone who has done any real political campaign work at the grassroots level knows that she has made this whole thing up, because they know what the purposes of phone banking are.

Campaign workers phone bank for a two reasons. Either they are calling to recruit volunteers to help with get-out-the-vote efforts such as precinct walking or more phone banking, or they’re phone banking to remind voters who are most likely to support their candidate to go to the polls and vote.

When people phone bank they’re not opening up a phone book and calling every single name in it, partly because who freakin’ uses phone books anymore? Really though it’s because it’s inefficient and a waste of time.

Campaigns and political parties have voter databases that identify voters not only by their party, but by how often they vote as well. That way campaigns know if they’re calling a likely supporter and whether or not they need the reminder to vote. Voters who vote in every election don’t get calls, whereas voters who vote half the time get the attention of a phone bank because they need the push.

So when you phone bank, Chelsea is right that the there is little room for surprise in who is being called. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that so many on her lists for Bernie Sanders were “unsurprisingly” supporting Trump. If there was any hint of that then those voters wouldn’t have been targeted.

That’s how it was done when I worked for the Republican Party in southern California during the 2004 campaign. I’m sure 12 years later the data phone bankers have is probably even more robust than that with the kind of data-mining technology that exists today, to say nothing of social media. People are easier than ever to figure out (You are welcome to chime in about this in the comments if you know for sure)

If Chelsea was phone banking for Bernie Sanders she would have no reason and business calling people who were likely to vote for Donald Trump, as she would have data necessary to figure that out and not call them in the first place. Sure, Trump has attracted crossover appeal from Democrats, but not to the extent sniveling Chelsea describes.

So either Chelsea is a fantastic troll of an actress perpetrating a disgusting hoax, or she is a really, really ineffective volunteer who doesn’t know what she is doing with the most basic of campaign tasks. Neither speaks well of her.

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