These “offensive” costumes would leave kids with pretty much nothing they’re allowed to wear…


Someone actually made this…


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Wow, even Superman is a “bigot.”

This is one of those times where the words to comment on this truly do escape me, but I’m going to try.

I wouldn’t want anything from a house that endorses such moronic thinking for two reasons: 1. That house probably also gives out gluten-free positive vibes instead of candy and 2. I wouldn’t want to become collateral damage in the egg holocaust that would take place at that house’s garage.

Costumes are supposed to be caricatures of the subject matter, especially for children. That’s what makes Halloween so much fun. It supposed to be make-believe and not to be taken too seriously.

I don’t know what it’s like going through life and seeing what is or can be offensive about every teeny tiny little thing, that’s because I’m too busy enjoying it to be a social justice vampire that thrives on sucking the joy out of everything fun.

Running down one by one why this graphic is idiotic in ways other than on it’s face:

1. The Native American costume isn’t offensive because I’ve seen those guys wearing cowboy hats, so unless you’re willing to risk flicking off culturally appropriated hats until one of them makes you their squaw lets be adults about this.

2. Soldiers engage in violence protecting the country, the kind violence that is selfless and self-sacrificing. Idolizing soldiers isn’t bigotry, it celebrates and instills the sense of heroism the lily-livered a-hole who created this was hoping to achieve for themselves.

3. Female cops don’t wear skirts. So I guess it’s sexist in that regard, but what if a male cop identifies as a female? As we’ve learned from the Jenner formerly known as Bruce the only way to fulfill such a manifest destiny is to get girly with it with pumps, makeup and SKIRTS. So, if giving a female cop a skirt is sexist, would denying it of a transgender (fe)male be transphobic?

4. Saying it’s “ableist” to be Superman (for the sake of this post I’m accepting the premise that ableism should be a thing) is the one thing that makes me wonder if someone created this to be a goof. (according to this post on Reddit it might very well be)

5. How is THAT princess dress objectifying? If you cover the girls face with a Kleenex it could be confused for a burka.

6. I don’t doubt that pirates raped in spite of the sugar-coated version Disney gives us, but the only way they promote the so-called “rape culture” of the 21st Century is if actual rapists dressed like them. I wish they did, they’d be a hell of a lot easier to catch.

The moral of this story is wear whatever the hell you want, right up to the line of indecent exposure without crossing it (or not, smart phone cameras and social media will thank you). The saying is supposed to be “Happy Halloween,” not “Crappy Halloween.”

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