Think Hillary Clinton won the popular vote? THINK AGAIN! Voter fraud makes her lead a sham! (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote

The media is still crowing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the election. However, her one million vote lead looks flimsy amid new reports of extensive Democratic voter fraud.

First, let’s look at the latest totals.


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Hillary Clinton   62,523,126 (48%)

Donald Trump   61,201,031 (47%)

As you can see, Clinton holds a lead of just over one million votes. It should be noted, however, that on election night, Trump held the lead in the popular vote until California’s results came in. Clinton topped Trump by over three million votes in the state. Which is why you have the electoral college. California should not have unequal power over the rest of the country. The electoral college helps to level the field, and ensures candidates have to work more states. As we now know, Hillary Clinton’s defeat came because she failed to give more attention to “safe” blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which flipped to Trump.

In addition, it is now clear that a number of other factors will come into play when deciding whether or not Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. That includes the real possibility that voter fraud boosted the Democratic vote in many areas.


The military vote is among the last to be counted, because votes are often cast overseas. That is good news for Donald Trump. A Military Times poll of service members found Trump was favored over Clinton by a 54% to 25% margin. The military vote may not flip the popular vote total, but it is very likely to close the gap.


We know that over two million dead people are still on active voter rolls across the United States. A Pew Research study, reported by The Hill, states that outdated voter registration technology has failed to purge dead voters. And we all know how dead voters tend to vote Democrat. While it is very likely that most of these dead voters do not vote, even a small portion could tip the scales. If 5% of those dead voters cast a ballot, that would mean 100,000 votes that should not be counted.


As we have previously reported, voter fraud is rampant among many Democratic activist groups. Before the election, a Florida woman helped to expose a Democratic plot to steal votes from elderly voters in the state using mail-in ballots. Not surprisingly, after the fraud was exposed and an investigation started, Clinton lost Florida.

The Pew study also reports that nearly 12 million voter registrations have errors of some kind, or contain errors in information. That does not necessarily mean that these voters are illegally registered or should not be voting. It does mean that there may be an outdated address, an incorrect birth date, or an incorrect spelling. However, the fact that such errors are not caught means that fraud, in limited circumstances, could be committed without detection.

In addition, the Pew survey found over 50 million voters, nearly 25% of all possible voters, aren’t even registered to vote at all. That may not be a bad thing. If someone doesn’t care enough to register to vote, their opinion isn’t needed to choose our leaders. It does, however, open up the possibility that their vote could be stolen by someone who registers to vote for them fraudulently.

Finally, in this Fox Business video, Lou Dobbs and Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times discuss Democratic voter fraud.

The final tally is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. We will then learn if indeed Hillary Clinton won the popular vote or if Donald Trump closed the gap.

H/T: TruthFeed

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