This argument for God’s existence leaves this biology student babbling

Even if you’re an atheist the logic used in this video is pretty rock solid. People who refuse to believe in creation always seem satisfied to wallow in the sty of their ignorance rather than embrace the not so far-fetched possibility that life in all of it’s complexity and improbability didn’t just happen.

This girl doesn’t do that side of the argument any favors. Her reason for disagreement wasn’t even a reason, it was an excuse (and a terrible one at that), and it gets worse from there.

She employs humor and tries to change the subject to deflect from her inability to discuss this topic in any substantive way. A tactic I’ve seen many liberals employ when they find themselves in a conversation that puts them in over their head.

Proving God in 15 Seconds…

Posted by Ray Comfort on Friday, September 4, 2015

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