This image pretty much sums up how ridiculous the “selfie” culture has become


I could probably count on one hand how many selfies I’ve taken in my life, and all of them were either with my wife when nobody else was around to take the picture, or with my (very small) kids because they thought it was fun to see themselves on my smart phone screen.

That’s it.

A while ago now while at Disneyland I spotted a couple trying to take a picture in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle. I offered to take it for them. I did this because that’s what my wife and I do when we want a picture…we either ask someone or just someone offers.

They sheepishly handed their phone to me, and I could tell I was missing something. I took the photos, and they politely thanked me. As I walked away I saw with my peripheral vision that they proceeded to attempt to do the picture without any help from someone who is the luddite jackass I apparently turned out to be.

While I could see a case for why that type of selfie is preferable to my “help.” What has become truly intolerable are the ones where I see someone (usually a young girl/woman) groom themselves and then proceed to take a dozen selfies, each with a slightly different pose, ostensibly to have a choice for what goes on their social media.

I witnessed this happen once and my eyes almost rolled out of their sockets.

It’s out of control. People have literally died trying to take selfies…so this image really isn’t off base.


I don’t understand why selfies have to be a thing, but I’ll admit this…the inventor of the selfie stick is a freakin genius who wouldn’t see this post complimenting them because they’re probably buried under a pile of cash.

h/t iOTWReport

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