This is Hillary trying to be funny, and it’s excruciatingly painful to watch

If first ladies could be impeached this video would be the reason, it’s that bad.

I don’t know who uncovered this, but it probably should have stayed buried, because it’s just awful in both concept and execution.

It’s called “Hillary Gump,” a short the White House did for the 1995 Gridiron dinner which is very loosely based on “Forrest Gump.” It was supposed to showcase Hillary’s sense of humor.

It doesn’t showcase anything except how utterly inhuman she is. In fact, it puts truth to the lie that her candidacy for president today is faltering because her time has passed and she has become tone deaf.

This video shows how tone deaf she has always been. I would be embarrassed for her if the Clintons ever had any sense of shame.

If Forest Gump were a real person I would advise him to sue for slander.

h/t Conservative Videos

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