This is why “scientists” choose “estimated” climate data over raw data…

So according to Al Gore the northern ice cap was supposed to be melted already. The inconvenient truth is that both the Arctic and Antarctic ice levels have been experiencing huge rebounds despite the seemingly obligatory annual reports that each year the Earth has gotten hotter than the last.

All of that is the cherry on top of the sundae known as the pause in global warming that has been going on for almost 20 years now…

Consider all of that when liberals (still?!?) tell us the debate is over and we must act with measures that will do nothing.

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Take a look at these two graphs. To the untrained eye (like mine) it’s hard to understand with no explanation, so I’ll do my best as I understand it, but the full essay and methodology with supporting graphs can be found here.

This is climate data that has had the raw data adjusted. It get’s adjusted down and then post 1965 it’s adjusted up to create the appearance of a warming trend.


This is how that data looks unadjusted….NO WARMING!


I’m not a climate scientist, but my takeaway from this is what too many of us have known for too long now. The data is being cooked and we are all being lied to. For the sake of argument, if these “adjusted” numbers tell a true story the only human activity causing the warming is burning pants of liberals the world over as their dishonesty is the coal powering that fire long after the pants became the ash heap of history.

Of course, environmentalists take this as a sign that “skeptics” (that’s a diplomatic way to put it) want the Earth to be incinerated like a used up Planned Parenthood “specimen.”

They’re on to us. All we want to do is destroy the planet with dirty air and water and hellfire while we escape through a portal to the Twilight Zone that logic originated from.

THAT makes perfect sense.

h/t Powerline for tipping the masses off to this piece.

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