This is why we shouldn’t place children on political pedestals…


When I first heard about this CJ Pearson kid and the conservative star he was becoming I remembered Jonathan Krohn, the conservative boy wonder who came before him, only to become a liberal ideologue a couple of short years later.

Now, it looks like Pearson is following in Krohn’s footsteps by endorsing Bernie Sanders. Before that it was Ted Cruz, and before that it was Rand Paul. That tells you all you need to know about what type of authority on policy a child should be.

This isn’t like flip flopping between Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, this is like changing ones mind from Pepsi to arsenic laced motor oil.

This is why kids shouldn’t be propped up on the pedestal of politics. As Erick Erickson aptly points out not only are they too young to care as much as we adults, they’re too young to truly understand their views.

It’s not even that his principles have changed, he probably didn’t have any to begin with. Teenagers want two things more than anything else: 1. Attention and 2. To be liked. In this case it looks like the former is driving the bus here. The kid faked being blocked by Obama on Twitter, as if that was a story. It only really became one after he was caught.

Why would he do that other than to beg for attention?

It’s good that he moved on to the next phase of his narcissism. He’ll be much more at home with socialist liberals. It’s all too appropriate that a child, with not enough life experience under his belt to drive a car much less vote, chose leftist group think over conservative principles. Hopefully he’ll figure out how foolish and naive he has been when he becomes an adult that lives in the real world.

Image source: Facebook

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