This tax calculator shows that Bernie Sanders would TOTALLY SCREW everyone, including the poor…

Yeah, this tax calculator was devised by, and it’s possible that they’re in the tank for Hillary, but this was posted March 25. Clinton’s delegate lead is pretty much insurmountable at this point, not that Bernie ever really had a chance anyway. So there’s little upside to swiping at Bernie’s tax plan now other than to just tell the truth. Especially since it show’s everyone gets more under the GOP plans.

A family of four making $25,000 per year, a number that’s just a few hundred dollars north of the federal poverty line, would be made to pay $2,200 MORE in taxes. Clinton shows no real change, while Cruz and Trump show that everyone, rich and poor, will get to keep more of their money.

Here’s the breakdown for all of the candidates (who still matter that is):


That’s not all, if you change marital status to single with 2+ kids then you owe $1,700 MORE than if you were married, I guess because government is your spouse, and government is very high maintenance.


What if you were single with no kids? Surely you would pay MUCH more since you don’t have mouths to feed, right?

No. You would actually pay about $1,300 less than if you had 2+ kids.


It’s this type of European style taxation that is causing people to not bother having children anymore. When that happens here how are we as a nation going to pay for all the welfare goodies with an ever shrinking tax base??? Here’s a challenge, let see if liberals could answer that without crying “racism.”

But hey! All of this could be yours if you vote for Democrats who ceaselessly tell you Republicans are the ones who want to screw the poor and put them on the streets. When Democrats get resentful for being considered “low information” show them how their savior wants poor people to “feel the bern” by soaking even them for more taxes.

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