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Three people are dead after a major fire in a casino hotel. Dozens have been injured and at least two people are still officially missing.

However, officials fear there may be more victims who are not hotel employees or registered to stay there.

The fire broke out at the Manila Pavilion Hotel in the Philippines. Early reports say the fire broke out this morning in the casino area and moved up several floors. Firefighters appear to have stopped the upward spread on the third floor, but the fire itself is still raging at this time.

Complicating matters is the Manila Doctors Hospital is right next door to the hotel, but no one there has been affected yet.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte flew over the hotel to inspect the tragedy. Photos of the flyover are included below.

Reuters reports on the hotel fire.

A fire at a hotel in the Philippine capital killed three people on Sunday and injured nearly two dozen, police and rescue officials said, with two people listed as missing.

The fire broke out at the Manila Pavilion Hotel where about 20 people earlier listed as trapped had been evacuated safely, Johnny Yu, chief of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, said. The death toll had been reduced from four to three, he said.

Two employees of a casino at the hotel were missing and rescue operations were ongoing, Manila Police District spokesman Erwin Margarejo told Reuters.

It was not immediately clear how the fire started. The hotel is owned by Waterfront Philippines Inc.

A government official, flying over the city in the presidential helicopter, took these photos of the fire. They were tweeted out by CNN Philippines.

We will update this story as details become available.

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