Three Democratic Congressmen Decided To Protest Trump – Now They’re In Jail

sonic attack

Our lawmakers have now become the lawbreakers.

In leading a protest at Trump Tower against President Trump ending the DACA program, three Congressmen decided being arrested was the goal before the protest even began.

Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Luis Gutierrez, (D-IL), and Adriano Espaillat, (D-NY), all members of the U.S. House of Representatives, were arrested Tuesday when they joined a small number of demonstrators and sat in the street on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower and would not move. They were later released.

As noted by the Associated Press:

The Democratic speaker of New York’s City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, also was handcuffed and led away.

The protesters were demanding that Congress pass legislation protecting thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

Although Trump plans to stay at Trump Tower tonight, I’m sure he was glad he missed out on the drama of the day. It’s disheartening to witness member of Congress put their stupidity on display.

President Trump already said he was seeking a bi-partisan solution for DACA kids. Trump wants an answer that is constitutional. Obama’s orders were just that- orders. They were not lawful.

As my colleague here on Silence is Consent pointed out earlier:

Kids under the DACA have never been able to get legal status or apply for citizenship under the current immigration system, short of a getting an immigration court to rule in their favor. Once they turn 18, the process is even tougher. Allowing a process for them to apply for legal status, if they break no additional laws while here, is supported by both parties.

Even President Trump has voiced support for “Dreamers” that serve in the military or go to college the chance to rectify their status. Since new immigrants and new citizens are barred by law from collecting welfare, they could easily pay back the system that has given so much to them.

Back to the Three Stooges

It’s unclear exactly what these Congressmen thought they could accomplish. Clearly, they should know Trump is already seeking a bi-partisan solution. Therefore, this protest is nothing more than a publicity stunt. When it comes to Luis Guitierrez, he’s known for his efforts to combat Trump and his policies. In fact, at one point, Gutierrez was under fire for saying John Kelly was a “disgrace to his [military] uniform,” regarding immigration policies. The imbecile also supports sanctuary cities.

As for Gutierrez’s accomplices, Espaillat was formerly an undocumented immigrant, and Grijalva, who represents parts of southern Arizona, is a strong critic of ending DACA. Apparently, the three stooges prefer unlawful orders to prevail instead of creating a constitutional solution.


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