Thug Tries to Carjack Brand New Pickup Truck – Furious Owner INSTANTLY Delivers BRUTAL Justice [VIDEO]

A shocking video has been making its rounds on the internet, where a slimy little thug thought it would be a great idea to steal a pickup truck from a man he thought wasn’t looking. Unfortunately for him however, the owner caught up with the truck thief and instantly delivered a whopping dose of justice.

The thief attempted to steal a pickup truck on Saturday, November 18th in Boynton Beach, Florida—just a few short days ago. Joby Stevens was in Home Depot shopping and minding his own business, when he noticed a thief break into his car which was parked in the Home Depot parking lot. The scumbag probably never imagined what Stevens was about to do next, and this will likely be the last time he ever messes with someone else’s vehicle.

Car thieves get away with their crimes far too often, since most cars don’t have GPS trackers—and once they’re gone, there’s very little police can do to track down a car that’s probably halfway across the country. Stevens likely knew this, which is why he sprinted full force at the thug who was trying to “floor it” and escape.

Stevens then issued a brutal dose of justice after engaging in a wrestling match with the thug. Thankfully, he was able to pull the thug out of his truck and the following video shows what happened just moments before Toby Stevens was able to subdue him.

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The video, entitled “Not My Truck,” has already gotten millions of views on social media—and for good reason. Stevens can be seen holding the thug in a headlock until police arrived, and he decides to give him a whack on the head while recording the video for good measure. If you’ve ever had your car stolen you know how much of a pain it is to recover, so the feeling of victory in Stevens’ heart must be exhilarating.

Mad World News reports:

Stevens captured the footage on his cell phone before uploading it to Facebook. “Smile bro! Won’t Smile?” Stevens said in the video. “You motherf*****!” Stevens says as he appears to smack the thief in the head. A second video clip shows what happened a few minutes later when the Boynton Beach Police arrived on the scene.

The suspect can be seen being taken into custody. “I bet he must have just saw me running,” Stevens said in the video. “And I hit the door, and then he tried to floor it. And luckily it was unlocked, luckily I have a step that comes down, ’cause I was sitting on the step, choking him as he was driving away.”

Many people who saw Stevens’ video on social media just assumed that he left the keys in his truck and was at fault for his truck being stolen. To set the record straight, Stevens posted a picture of the pair of vice grips and screwdriver the thief used to steal his truck.

This wasn’t by any means a case where the vehicle’s owner acted irresponsibly by leaving their car running with the doors unlocked. The suspects involved in this incident obviously knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, they never expected Stevens to catch them in the act.

In addition to posting the videos on his Facebook page, Stevens added a warning for the thief’s accomplice. “You stole the wrong truck today dude and whoever you are in the gold Tahoe with newer style chevy rims I’m coming for you too my friend,” Stevens wrote. These thugs obviously chose the wrong truck to steal, and one of them paid dearly for it. I don’t know about you, but I love a happy ending.

With all of the terrible news of sexual allegations going on right now, it’s great to see someone get their just desserts—and after this brave man was able to run down a thug trying to steal his car, put him into a headlock, and whack him over the head, it seems that he certainly got what he deserved.

If you would’ve done the same for someone trying to steal your vehicle, please give this article on this truck thief a share! Thank you and God bless America, and President Trump.

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