These people who are rioting against a legal election are doing so because they have no true understanding of why half he country is revolting against business as usual in Washington DC. They’re also terrified things will change in 2017. They were sold a bill of goods; such as free college, free this or that which had no hope  happening anyway. Over is the free lunch for these illegal immigrants who think they will continue t come here for free stuff without carrying their own weight. The gravy train will be done. And that makes them angry enough to hurt people and even an innocent animal. This is disgusting, cowardly. Only a low human being would attack a dog over a Donald Trump win.

Arthur Schwartz was just walking his dog. That was his only crime, when thugs attacked the animal. Who does this to an animal? A defenseless, innocent animal who had NOTHING to do with Donald Trump being elected president was beaten and kicked and had things thrown at it.



The solution according to this bright Hillary supporter is that he shouldn’t leave his home … it’s not that people should stop being violent thugs, it’s that he should keep from walking his dog, that he and his  dog be held captive in his home while they destroy his community. That is ludicrous.


These riots which people are calling “protests’ only prove one thing we on the right have always known. The real thugs, and rioters, and criminals are the violent thugs who support the democrat party and come out in droves to drown out the voices of anyone they disagree with. That is not democracy. That is criminal anarchy and it should be punished as such.

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