Donald Trump PERSON OF THE YEAR: Did Time add a subliminal message to the cover?

Donald Trump Person of the Year

Donald Trump Person of the Year

TIME Magazine has made its choice. They have named Donald Trump Person of the Year. And it is killing them to do it.

Trump was the obvious selection. In the article that announced the selection, they grudgingly admit that Trump changed American politics. They detail how he stuck to his guns and became the leader of the free world. Time, however, cannot help but voice their displeasure.

The cover has a pretty blatant slam against the Republican, naming him President of the “Divided States of America.” However, that is a far cry from their coverage when they named President Barack Obama “Person of the Year.” At that time, they highlighted Obama’s call for “hope and change” and kept a positive tone. It seems at Time Magazine, unity and a positive outlook only counts if your candidate wins.

In addition, there is a more sinister aspect to the cover. Some people on social media took notice of how Time Magazine chose to position Donald Trump on the cover. Some point out that Trump’s head sits right below the letter “M” in Time. The letter appears to simulate horns, which many claim was likely a deliberate move. See for yourself and decide. Is Time Magazine giving Trump a “devilish” look on purpose?

Donald Trump Person of the Year


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This is not the first instance of Time Magazine manipulating an image on their cover to send a message. In 1994, they purposely darkened a picture of O.J. Simpson’s mugshot to make him look sinister. After calls of racism, Time apologized for the cover.

The Donald Trump Person of the Year article, by Michael Scherer, also paints him in a less-than-positive light. In describing his rise to the Presidency, the article says this.

Instead of painting a bright vision for a unified future, he magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country.

By naming Donald Trump Person of the Year, Time Magazine made the right choice. They make it clear, however, that they think America made the wrong choice to begin with.

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