TOLERANCE? Liberal vandals CUT DOWN TREES at Trump’s NY golf course

trees cut down

Liberals are so angry with President Donald Trump that they are now taking it out on the environment.

On Tuesday, New York City police were called out to the Trump Golf Links golf club in the Bronx, after vandals slipped onto the property at night and cut down four large trees.

Four thirty-foot-tall trees were cut down, and police recovered the chainsaw used by the perpetrators. A motive is unclear at this point but it doesn’t take much to assume a political angle. Cutting down trees may seem out of character for a liberal activist, but considering the tactics of ANTIFA during recent protests, it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

The New York Daily News reports.

Two vandals climbed an iron fence to get to the trees, cop sources said.

The Trump Organization and the city have been at odds over the course, located on Hutchinson River Parkway, for the past year.

Trump now wants to expand the golf course, but the city is refusing to green light the request.

The Trump Organization pitched its case to expand the golf course at the Bronx’s Community Board 10 in November.

Their proposal included a 2013 letter from golf legend Jack Nicklaus endorsing the expansion, which would make the course eligible for major tournaments, the Trump Organization said.

Nicklaus designed the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point.

The plans would extend the course into a waterfront area that the city has marked off as future public park land — enraging parks advocates.

The motive behind the vandalism was not immediately clear.

Police sources said cops were searching for video to track the vandals’ movements before and after they entered the golf course.

No arrests have been made.

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