Cotton DESTROYS Schumer On Senate Floor: “I WAS GETTING MY A** SHOT AT” When Obama Was Elected

Tom Cotton

Liberals should never mess with two things: a principled conservative or a military vet. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer just learned what happens when you mess with both at the same time.

Schumer was confronted last Friday on the floor of the Senate by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Cotton is a Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, and was elected to the Senate in 2013.

On Friday, the Senate had hoped to vote on the nomination of CIA director Mike Pompeo. Schumer had promised a vote, then changed his mind. Schumer and the Democrats have been delaying votes on President Trump’s cabinet nominations.

Video (without audio) has been released of the confrontation by Fox News. The Gateway Pundit provides details of the exchange.

Senator Cotton approached Schumer to confront him on the US Senate floor. Cotton said to Schumer, “Hey you promised you were going to hold this vote. You didn’t hold it.”

Schumer reportedly said, “Well where were you eight years ago when we were trying to get through all of President Obama’s nominees?”

That’s when Cotton snapped back,

“Eight years ago I was getting my a** shot at in Afghanistan… so don’t talk to me about where I was eight years ago.”

Cotton then walked away.

Here is the video.


Tom Cotton is our new favorite Senator.

What do you think of the Tom Cotton/Chuck Schumer confrontation? Let us know in the comments!


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