Tomahawk missiles are racist to Native Americans!! – Yeah.

tomahawk missiles are racist

The editor of the left-wing news website Mother Jones is making news herself, for all the wrong reasons. The alleged journalist claimed in a recent tweet that Tomahawk missiles are racist to Native Americans.

After President Donald Trump bombed the heck out of a Syrian airbase last week, liberals were looking for any reason to lash out. Over at Mother Jones, editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery found a way to channel her anger. She tweeted it out for the whole world to see.

Here is her tweet on April 8. Be warned: you may slap yourself in disbelief after reading it.

But wait, there’s more! That same day, she also retweeted this.

Seriously, this woman gets triggered by ANYTHING.

The response was swift and hilarious. Many mocked her faux outrage, while others wondered why yet another white woman felt the need to rescue Native Americans from mean old words.

The Daily Mail provides some background on the controversy (or lack thereof), as well as the response.

Utilizing the names of Native American tribes is a common practice among the US military, which has drawn inspiration from countless tribes for machinery and aircraft over the years.

Jeffery’s critics argue that her perceived hypervigilance for a culture that isn’t her own is ill-informed, and that her concerns are misplaced.

Some users argued that Jeffery, being a white woman, did not have the authority to speak on issues that didn’t affect her racially.

Donald Trump Jr retweeted a response from television host Ben Shapiro, in which he offered a name for the missiles inspired by his Jewish nationality.

A user by the name of IPledgeAllegiance said: ‘YET another liberal white woman feels she can appropriate voices of Native Americans and speak for them enrages me. POC speak our own.’

Another user mirrored Jeffery’s language, writing: ‘Real journalists must be enraged you call yourself one of them.’

The insults continued to pour in, with another person writing: ‘This was a squelched observation deemed inaccurate 30 yrs ago. U R stirring trouble and thats why smart people dont read rags like yours.’

Others speculated that Jeffery’s perceived over-protection of another culture is the reason why Trump won the presidency.

Ben Shapiro had perhaps the best response to all of the ridiculousness. “If Native Americans want to rename Tomahawk missiles, I am happy to offer to rename them Hebrew Hammers on behalf of the Jews,” he tweeted.

tomahawk missiles are racist

The tweet reminds many of the outrage from liberals over the use of the term “Redskins” as the mascot of Washington’s NFL team. The term had been used for decades, with many Native Americans participating with the team to celebrate their culture. Now, after liberal outcry, the term is being phased out by the NFL

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