Top 7 Hilarious Memes Created After Trump Tweeted Anti-Hillary Golf Meme

Trump tweet

President Trump set the Internet ablaze this weekend after retweeting a humorous meme that depicted him hitting a golf ball off a tee and into Hillary Clinton’s back, causing her to trip and fall while boarding an airplane.

In its wake, a slew of new memes has emerged, all trying to outdo the original. You get to enjoy the results. You can check out our top seven picks below.

“Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing #Crooked Hillary,” read the caption.

The footage of Trump golfing is authentic, as is that of Hillary’s infamous spill while boarding a US government jet in Yemen in 2011 (perhaps she was startled by sniper fire), however it was the ingenuity of Twitter user @Fuctupmind, who spliced the two together with a little added animation, that caught the President’s attention.

Leftists and the mainstream media went into meltdown mode, calling the meme “violent” and denouncing it as an “attack on women,”  which only served to incite legions of clever Internet trolls, who fired up their Meme Factories and began cranking out brilliant content, much of which features The Donald showing off his diverse and impressive athletic skills.

Here are the 7 best new creations inspired by the golf meme.

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