THE BEST OF THE WORST: The reasons these travel ban protesters oppose Trump have to be heard to be believed (VIDEO)

trump travel ban protest

Protesters recently took to Los Angeles International Airport to protest the travel ban favored by the Trump Administration, which recently won a victory at the Supreme Court.

While the protesters knew they hated the travel ban along with President Trump, it was clear that they didn’t know much else beyond that.

From The Daily Wire:

In a new video posted by Fleccas Talks, Fleccas makes his way to an anti-Trump, anti-travel ban protest at LAX airport in California. The protesters, while showing off their two-colored dyed hair and blowing bubbles, explain why Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are bigoted, racist and sexist, why Americans kind of have terrorism coming to them, and why radical Islam really isn’t a problem (America’s Islamophobia is the problem).

When asked what she’s protesting, the blue and green-haired SJW explains, “Um, everything. Sexism, misogyny, Trump, Pence, the American government, capitalism, f***ing, the patriarchy. Everything.”

Translation: she has no freaking idea.

“People that are coming from other countries … whether they don’t think that gay rights are valid or don’t believe in human rights, that isn’t their responsibility because they’re refugees. The responsibility is on us as America to change our country,” she says later in the video.

The same protester also admits that she doesn’t know what Sharia law is.

Ignorance must be bliss for a Trump protester.

Another woman explains why Americans breed terrorism and kind of deserve such acts against us because … Islamophobia.

“[Terrorists] do, obviously, terrible things, but we also, as a Democracy, as a society that wants to move toward nonviolence and humanism, have to acknowledge that we do things that evoke rage, justified rage sometimes,” she said. “I mean, in America, hate crimes have gone through the roof.”

She then cited an example of an anti-Muslim “hate crime,” which actually turned out to be a road rage incident committed by an illegal alien.

Much of the video is frankly hard to transcribe (kudos to Daily Wire for their attempts to do so) because so much of what these people are saying truly sounds like babbling. It’s very difficult to follow what they’re trying to say.

The best parts are when Fleccas asks them follow up questions (kudos to him for following along as well as he did) and hearing their sighs followed by awkward and confused silence.

Is it bad for a video to be simultaneously sad, entertaining, and hilarious? If so then this one doesn’t want to be right. Enjoy.

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