TREASONOUS Governor Sneaks Bill Into House That Will Allow ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS To Vote Overnight

Illegal Immigrants Traitor Vote Fraud

With liberal voting policies not checking for a voter’s citizenship, we almost saw Hillary win the election of 2016.

Hundreds of thousands, even millions of illegal immigrants, rushed to the voting booths on that fateful day, to write in their candidate of choice—whichever one would give them the most welfare and least amount of deportations.

While many Americans do not believe that illegal immigration is a legitimate concern, many Americans who voted for Donald Trump will disagree. Each year, we’ve seen our population slowly become overrun by illegal immigrants, who almost always vote for free handouts.

As Donald Trump said, they’re not giving us their best. When Mexico sends us illegal immigrants, they’re often times drug dealers, thieves, and even rapists. The liberal media can scream “racist!” all they want, but this is statistically accurate.

Liberal idiot Governor Jerry Brown has just passed a law making it completely legal for illegal immigrants to vote in California. This is how low our country has sunk—we’re letting non-citizens decide who runs our government. It needs to STOP!

Illegal Immigrant Vote California
An illegal immigrant getting his papers to vote

If we want to protect our culture, our way of life, and our children, we must ensure that illegal immigration ends NOW. We cannot let these immigrants overrun our voting booths and outnumber us, because the second they do, the Republican party will never win again.

Raw Conservative reports:

A California state bill was just signed in to law by Gov. Jerry Brown, that will register and allow illegal aliens to vote in US Elections.  The New Motor Voter Act (A.B.1461) that is now law in California, automatically registers residents of California to vote at the DMV.

According to the law and a report by the Washington Times, ‘The New Motor Voter Act automatically registers to vote all eligible voters when they obtain or renew their drivers licenses at the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of requiring them to fill out a form.’

The RAW Scoop is this.  Critics of the law have called it for what it really is.  Absolute and complete voter fraud and corruption on a grand scale.

Stephen Frank from California Political Review issued a statement saying, ‘A.B. 1461 assures corruption of our elections.  Our elections will look like those of Mexico and other corrupt nations and honest people will stop voting, since illegals will out vote them.’

Linda Paine of the Elections Integrity Project says, ‘Citizens must oppose this treasonous attempt to turn California into a form of government that gives control to non-citizens.’

We had enough treason inflicted onto our country under the 8 year dictatorship of Barrack Hussein Obama, who was nothing more than a pandering, Muslim-loving domestic terrorist in office. Now it appears that Governor Jerry Brown has just picked up where Obama left off, and he’s intent on destroying this great nation.

The full bill, which can be seen here, has already been enacted in California. If conservatives don’t start doing something about this, it’ll be too late before we know it.

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