IT’S TRUE! One of These Anti-Trump Celebs Made Good On Their Promise To Leave America


Before last November’s election, dozens of celebrities promised to leave the country if Donald Trump were elected. Of course, not one of them actually thought Trump had a chance of winning, so it seemed like a good bluff.

Since the election, however, there has been plenty of backtracking. Celebrities are now claiming their threats were all in jest, or that they intend to stay in America as part of the “Resistance.” One celebrity appears to have made good on her promise to leave America. At least for now.

Sure, we could have told you who the celebrity is in the title. But really, where’s the fun in that? Besides, you get to experience all the anticipation and drama as we build it up for you. You’re welcome.

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OK, we’ve stretched this out long enough. Here’s the information you came to see.

In an Instagram post this weekend, Madonna confirmed that she is now living in Lisbon, Portugal. points out that Madonna fell in love with the country while on tour, which led her to move. However, we think she may have been motivated to move after threatening to blow up the White House now that Donald Trump is President. Does Portugal have an extradition pact with the United States?

If you need a refresher of what Madonna said, here is the full video of her speech.

Here is her Instagram post confirming the move.

While it is very likely this is merely a temporary move, or just a vacation home, I think we can all agree that any day that Madonna isn’t actually in America is a good day.

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