IT’S TRUE! Snopes actually defends President Trump, exposes the media’s lies


Conservatives have long criticized, claiming they were biased against Republicans in their fact-checking. In a stunning new report, however, Snopes has exposed the incredible train of lies and mistruths the media and Democrats have claimed about the President. And they are holding nothing back in their criticism.

The report, entitled “The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas” is a brutal takedown of the media’s obsession to make mountains out of molehills over anything President Trump does. Written by Dan MacGuill, it focuses on four major talking points the left has created about Trump, and exposes the many lies spread about the President after he was inaugurated.

About the many negative stories in the media about Trump, MacGuill says this: “Some of these claims are downright fake, entirely fabricated by unreliable or dubious web sites and presented as satire, or otherwise blatantly false. But the rest — some of which have gained significant traction and credibility from otherwise serious people and organizations — provide a fascinating insight into the tactics and preoccupations of the broad anti-Trump movement known as “the Resistance,” whether they were created by critics of the President or merely shared by them.”

It may be shocking for many that Snopes seems to have seen the light, but in all fairness, they have had moments of clarity. While some of their “fact checking” has been too forgiving to Democrats, they will often point out the truth, no matter how uncomfortable. This new report, which even calls out much of the mainstream media’s sensationalism, will likely win them some newfound respect from conservatives. At least for now.

“Errors of Judgement”

Snopes points out that many of the lies about President Trump “are characterized and driven by four types of errors of thought:”

  • Alarmism
  • A lack of historical context or awareness
  • Cherry-picking of evidence (especially visual evidence)
  • A failure to adhere to Occam’s Razor — the common-sense understanding that the simplest explanation for an event or behavior is the most likely.

They plunge the knife even deeper, stating “infused throughout almost all these claims, behind their successful dissemination, is confirmation bias: the fuel that drives the spread of all propaganda and false or misleading claims among otherwise sensible and skeptical people.”

Buzzfeed, Daily Kos, Politico, every major news network, Stephen Colbert, and even George Takei get called out by Snopes for their lies and wild speculation. It is, perhaps, the best smackdown on media sensationalism since Trump took office.

You can read the entire article for yourself by clicking here.

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