Trump Activist STABBED 9 TIMES in GRUESOME ATTACK – “You’re Getting The Shank WHITE BOY!”

antonio foreman trump activist stabbed

Antonio Foreman, who is an avid Trump supporter, and known for working with political commentator @BakedAlaska was stabbed nine times near a Santa Monica bar Saturday night.

This is just one in a string of many violent attacks that have been taking place against conservatives. As the protesters who interrupted the Trump Assassination play have shouted, we need to stop normalizing the political violence against conservatives.

On Saturday, a media company known as “Based in LA,” was hosting a free speech rally, which Mr. Foreman attended. Other political commentators of internet infamy also attended, such as Kyle Chapman, otherwise known as “Based Stick Man.”

According to Antonio Foreman, who is now in stable condition, he visited a bar with Kyle Chapman, presumably to have a drink or two after a long day’s work of rallying for a great cause. They left the bar, and parted in different directions.

Within a few miles, however, Foreman’s vehicle was RAMMED from behind. He got out of the truck to speak with the individuals who crashed into his car, when he was confronted by two angry Armenian men, who called him several racial slurs, including “cracker.”

The last thing he heard, before he blacked out, was “you’re getting the shank, white boy!” which leads officials to believe this was a targeted racial attack.

Foreman also believes that the attack was targeted—on the back of his truck there’s a “Molon Labe,” sticker, which is a popular pro-gun, pro-American phrase meaning “come and get it.” There’s also other patriotic emblems, which makes Foreman believe he was targeted because of them.

Thankfully, the perpetrators have been caught and are in jail, according to @BakedAlaska’s tweet. They have both been given a million dollar bail, and many are glad that justice is being served.

Still, what kind of a world do we live in where this type of disgusting behavior is starting to become more and more normal? Why is it that CNN fake news hasn’t uttered a WORD about this, or the numerous other attacks that take place against conservatives?

This is why conservatives are starting to wake up. We tried being nice to the Leftists, but they show no signs of backing down—many conservatives are starting to realize that we need to exercise our freedom of speech and start protesting, along with throwing these criminals in jail.

Foreman sustained a total of nine knife wounds, four on his right flank, one on his chest, two on his left side, one across his face, and one on his neck. Multiple wounds penetrated deeply, putting his life in SERIOUS danger, but he was able to receive emergency 12-hour surgery, which saved his life.

The Red Elephants, a popular conservative news website, sent two investigative journalists to contact the LAPD and speak with Foreman:

“Treadstone and David Feiner of The Red Elephants are with him currently bedside at the hospital.”

“Treadstone has been in direct contact with the LAPD detective on the case and has told The Red Elephants police have already detained the two assailants who are being held on a one million dollar bond.”

“Police do not believe the attack was politically connected at this time, however does it appears to be certainly racially motivated.”

Doctors say that Mr. Foreman will need to stay at the hospital for at least a week to undergo treatment and recovery. Although the wounds were quite vicious, doctors remain optimistic about his recovery.

This DISGUSTING attack has spurred a flurry of Twitter users to not only spread the hashtag #PrayForTony, but to also start a donation fund for Foreman’s medical expenses.

With more and more political violence erupting against conservatives each and every day, many are starting to become wary. It’s uncertain how far this will go, but America’s strong and proud conservatives WILL NOT bow down to this type of behavior.

If you condemn these GRUESOME attacks against Trump supporters, please give this article a share to spread awareness across social media. Thank you and God bless!

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