Trump announces ban on transgenders in the military – HERE’S THE LIBERAL RESPONSE

transgender ban

In a series of early morning tweets, President Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era policy and banned transgender people from military service. The response from his political opponents and critics was swift and furious.

Despite political pressure, most military leaders opposed President Obama’s initiative to allow transgender people to serve in the military. Under President Trump, however, their concerns found a welcome ear.

Here are the tweets sent out by the President this morning.

The response from the left, as many would expect, was angry, to say the least. Warning: some language is not safe for work.

Even Sulu from Star Trek is mad! OH MY!

Chelsea Manning, the transgender traitor to our military, weighed in on the announcement. Try to figure out the point Manning was trying to make here. It sounds like someone needed their coffee this morning.

Even Planned Parenthood tweeted about it, because they care about SAVING LIVES.

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