Can Trump Make Birth Control Great Again?

As part of the fear-mongering campaign against Donald Trump, the mainstream media is creating victims of the President. CNN’s latest attempt to do that misses a significant point.

Liberals are “blaming” POTUS for making birth control decisions for them. Besides the fear-mongering and hype about the possible loss of abortion, a matter decided by the Supreme Court over forty years ago, they are in hysterics about birth control.

An CNN article, published days after the inauguration, was already lamenting Trump’s possible moves on Obamacare.

The rationale goes something like this.

Gabriella Shypula made a decision about her uterus based on President Trump.

Shypula, a recent college graduate, was happy with the birth control pill as her contraceptive of choice but started to feel nervous immediately after the election in November.

Here’s why: The Affordable Care Act guarantees free birth control to most women, including Shypula, even if a woman is not on Obamacare.

But Trump has said he wants to repeal the act, and on his very first day in office, he signed an executive order reaffirming that commitment.

Shypula, who hopes to go to graduate school in the fall, fears that if that free birth control provision goes away, she won’t be able to afford the monthly cost of birth control pills. So on February 17, she’s scheduled to get an IUD, or intrauterine device, implanted while it’s still free under Obamacare.

Her insurance will pay for it — it costs about $1,000 — and once it’s inserted, there are no costs until it’s removed.

While free birth control for SOME women is certainly lovely, lets discuss the realities.

With over twenty years as a prescriber in the medical field, I have become astute in finding affordable options for my patients. Birth control pills are now available for as low as $9.00 per month from some big chain stores. Stores that are found all over the country.

Specialty birth control pills, (think pills that suppress menstruation for three months) sometimes used for other issues like endometriosis, are not necessarily covered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or for women with private insurance. These pills can cost $45-$60 a month and are paid out of pocket by women who need it for a legitimate health issue.


More interestingly, while women are up in arms about “free” birth control, women who are under treatment for breast cancer pay out of pocket, often up to deductibles of $12-13K before any of their life-saving medications are covered. Yet, no one seems all that bothered by that fact. Why are there no “Vagina Hat” Marches for these women?

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Yet, women who need lifesaving tests and medications are ignoring them due monstrous deductibles. A $12,000 deductible will decimate a single parent household. Mothers that struggle to put food on the table go without critical health care and medications because of ACA. No “Vagina Hat” hysterics for those women either.

The biggest problem with the CNN article is this; when women are faced with having to take responsibility for their own reproductive health or when facing a theoretical threat to abortion access, they are suddenly empowered to do just that, take control. Ironic much? A woman may not be able to fall back on a quick abortion of convenience so now she manages to up her game in the birth control arena.

Birth control for many years now is significantly more affordable. I have had 16 year old patients accessing birth control without their parent’s money, knowledge or consent. Yet, a woman in grad school wants to blame President Trump for her birth control needs. Give me a break.

The fact is the government is not doing women any favors. Any argument can be boiled down to finances. It is cheaper for the US government to pay for low cost birth control than it is to pay for the children that may result. It is not out of some tender feelings towards women. It is because the US does not want to pay to raise your children.

If women really want the government out of their uteri, the only way to truly do that is to not expect that same government to pay for birth control.

That is the argument after all, your body, your choice. The rest of America agrees, and women need to take responsibility for their decisions in every aspect. Women cannot expect to have it both ways.

Women have equal rights. Now its time for those “rights” to be the same for all of us. The rest of us have 12K deductibles thanks to ACA, now you can too.

What do you think, should the government pay for birth control while not covering cancer treatment or other major illnesses at 100%? Let us know in the comments, because we want to hear from you! In addition, please share this on social media!

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